Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy Obama Year!!!

Before I post my planned entry I have a special request. Yesterday, on our way to Nairobi, the sound on my mp3 player went kaput. I have an ancient mp3 player and we're trying but, have yet to get it to work with anyone's computer. So it's now even more important that you send me some music so that I can put it on my computer. I have nothing on my computer because it's brand new! I can get some music from the other volunteers but all the local bands... I could cry!!!


Deaf Ed celebrated the New Year by renting out 2 cottages at a local place and sharing music and laughter and making some “avocado smash” (our invented sign for guacamole.) I couldn’t party too much since I’ve been sick the past 2 days, but I had a lot of fun and the hot shower (instead my usual splash bath) and sit-down toilet made my week! No tv countdown and no fireworks, but waking up in 2009 under Mount Kilimanjaro definitely makes up for that.
A lot is happening this month! Yesterday we left Loitokitok and headed to Nairobi where we will learn our site placement, meet our supervisors, swear-in, head to our sites and get to work! I’m excited and nervous - I love the Deaf Ed group and will be sad to leave all my new friends, but I’m ready to get to my school and settle in to my home for the next 2 years.
Oh, 2009, please be good to me!!! My site, Obama… there’s a lot of potential!!!

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