Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The things I miss the most

My puppy dog!!!
A well-stocked and easy to use kitchen (I can do without a microwave easy, I’d just like to not have to worry about bugs so much)
Cinnamon (I brought some with me but haven’t gotten a chance to use it yet)
Being able to go out after dark
Surfing on etsy and craft blogs (allowing pics online costs too much but I miss daydreaming about where I’m gonna move to and which bloggers I’ll meet and what I’ll sew/knit/create when I get there)
Furniture (I’m collecting “pole pole” (slowly))
An endless supply of drinking water
Sleep (Always want more!)
Bourbon slush (at home it’s just something we have during Christmas but it’s freezing cold and delicious and would be so good right now)
Not feeling sweaty
Clean feet
Washing machine
Time (no matter how early I get up and how late I go to bed there just doesn’t seem to be enough – not enough time after school to go to town and get supplies, not enough weekend, not enough time to think about how long 2 years is)
Letters from you (I know my mom loves me!)

I’m sure this list will change in the future – things will be added and taken away. A lot of this stuff I was prepared for but I miss them just the same. Despite this list I am happy and I’ll do a positive list (The things that excite me the most or something) soon.


mom and dad said...

I miss someone to help me make dinner or make it for me, someone to teach me to knit, someone to help me clean(hah! joke there), someone that I can show all my new projects to, someone to tell me if my necklace, shoes, earrings, etc. go with my clothes, someone to go to the yarn store with, someone to make a cute bulletin board and much more. Love, Mom

MarkMercer said...

I miss someone to pester...