Sunday, February 1, 2009

the ants go marching

(written last Wednesday but unable to post)

And so the strike continues into the second week. This morning the teacher’s union had a meeting with the Parliamentary Committee on Education. I have yet to hear the outcome. At first I welcomed a few extra days to settle into my house and work on lesson plans but now I have too much time to think and second-guess everything. I guess I got what I asked for - more time. But this isn’t the kind of time I wanted, so last Thursday I went out and bought a dvd to occupy some of my thinking time. On this one dvd there are about 15 movies supposedly pertaining to the theme of the 80th Annual Academy Awards, although I seriously doubt either of the two Steven Seagal movies won any Oscars along with a number of other questionable movies. But in the past week I have enjoyed The Golden Compass, Juno, La Vie En Rose, Michael Clayton, and The Assassination of Jesse James. I don’t think Butterfly on a Wheel won anything but it was adequate entertainment. Today however I decided to watch one of the lesser promising movies In the Name of the King (it actually has quite a few recognizable actors.) I was reminded that I paid the equivalent of $5 for 15 movies when randomly in the middle of a major battle scene the audio switched to German voice-over for a good 5 minutes. I still have The Diving Bell and the Butterfly and No Country for Old men to enjoy. I can also watch Atonement and Sweeny Todd again. And there are always the Steven Seagal movies.

But I haven’t only been watching movies throughout my time off. I frequently walk to town, to the pier and along the gorgeous beach. I’m trying to visit a different restaurant each day I go to town – even if only for a soda. I also visit fellow teachers and this past weekend I (and another volunteer) took a trip to Mombasa to visit the Deaf Ed volunteer down there. While in Mombasa I was able to pick up a few supplies I haven’t been able to find in Malindi, get some tech help, enjoy a good Wimpy burger and some good Kenyan Chinese food, test out the Likoni ferry, and share stories, thoughts, hopes and worries with my friends. (Check out Paul’s blog for pics.) Returning home I was greeted by thousands of ants making nests in the corners of my house, on my curtains, and even on my ceiling. I’ve won a few battles but the war continues. I ran into my supervisor in town today and he took me to the Malindi Police Department to introduce me. After trying both Monday and Tuesday, today I was finally able to buy a fan for my house and I look forward to a sweat-less night with dry hair! There are plans to go to Mombasa again this weekend for a volunteer’s birthday; stay at a hotel and go swimming and dancing. I’m excited!

I wish there was more to say about working with my students. Hopefully soon! I also want to look into some environmental projects around here like the Malindi Green Town Movement.

Hold all letters and packages for the moment - I’m going to see if I can use the school’s PO to receive mail, because that would definitely get to me faster.

UPDATE: As I was heading to Mombasa on Friday I found out the strike is over. I will resume work Monday.

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nodust said...

Was myself a Peace Corps Volunteer in Malindi 92-94. Enjoy it while you can, it is a wonderful little city.

Wish my best to the MGTM, tell me how they are doing if you get a chance.

Bahati Njema