Sunday, May 17, 2009

fadhila kidogo (small favour)

My counterpart has been out sick since school started and had to have surgery last week. She’s home and doing better now but may not be back at school for a while so I’ve taken over her Standard 5 classes.

The kids are always fascinated when I tell them how I got to Kenya and how far away America is. About once a month, they pull out an old (1960’s or 70’s) Worldbook and have me show them where I’m from, where they live, and where the Italian tourists are from. My mom just sent me a book about time around the world and how, when you are at school, somewhere else in the world kids are going to bed or just waking up. So I want to do a unit on that. Then I got an idea that I need your help with…


Lots of pictures!

I want pictures of my friends and family showing that people of all different backgrounds/colo(u)rs/races live together in the US.

I want pictures of places you have lived and visited – other states and countries.

And anything else you might think my kids would find neat or strange or interesting.

The kids are always excited when I get mail and I open letters while I’m at school and then tell my kids if they’re from a friend or family member. Now, we can discuss where the letter came from, how long it took to get to Kenya, and maybe even figure out if the person who wrote it is sleeping right now. The kids will be even more thrilled that my mail is for them too!

I may not be teaching Class 5 by the time I start receiving letters but that’s okay. I’ll make sure all of the kids get to see and discuss the pictures. They don’t need to be quality photographs, of course, just print a few out if you can and I (and the kids) will be forever grateful.

Love and miss you all! And, yes, I know you want pictures too! Pole pole, pole! (Slowly, sorry!)



Susan said...

I will see what I can find to send. Sounds good! Love, Mom and Dad

Keston said...

will do! I am writing you as we speak... errr as I type. ;)