Saturday, April 4, 2009


Susan said...

love the pictures! Who, what, where are they? You look good! Missed you at the bead show today.

Susan said...

enjoyed the pics. looks like you had fun. keep up the blog entries, we want as much info as possible, keep up the good work, love, dad

Ingrid Hawkinson said...

Hi. Nic Dominguez referred me to you. I hope you don't mind me posting here, but I have some materials that you might find helpful.

I work at Hesperian - you might know us because we publish a book called Where There Is No Doctor (a lot of Peace Corps volunteers use it in their work). I wanted to tell you about another book we publish called Helping Children Who Are Deaf (available for free download in its entirety, at

Like Where There Is No Doctor, Helping Children Who Are Deaf is simply written, with plenty of helpful illustrations and activities from everyday life to help health workers, educators, and anyone else who’s interested to communicate with children who are deaf, assess what these children can and cannot hear, choose and learn/teach a language (sign or spoken), encourage social development, meet a deaf child’s needs in a school setting, form support groups, prevent child sexual abuse, prevent hearing loss, and more.

Please do pass this information on to your country director AND to your colleagues. If the volunteers find this free information useful enough, maybe the Peace Corps will consider sending this book to all their volunteers involved in deaf education. (It’s only $12.)

Thanks again, and my apologies if this note is intrusive.