Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hi everyone! I'm sorry it's taken me so long to make my first entry! I flew into Nairobi on last Thursday and have been spending the last week in Mombasa - an island on the coast. I have been learning KSL (Kenyan Sign Language), about Kenyan culture, and I have been visiting schools and units for the deaf.

Some highlights of my trip so far...
-On the trip to our hotel the first night here we we had to stop for zebra crossing the road.
-I ate my first goat meat.
-Our bus to Mombasa was stopped by a group of giraffes.
-The other deaf ed. trainees and volunteers are very friendly. It's a great group!
-The deaf community in Mombasa is really neat. You run into people on the street all the time and have conversations. Deaf culture goes beyond tribes - everyone is family.

I hope to come back to Mombasa some time in my stay here. I'm sure everyone knows how much I love fabric and this seems to be the place to get it. Real batiks!!!

The food is good. Now I'm ready for a change and tomorrow we leave Mombasa to go to our host family. More studying, more learning. I can't wait to have a conversation in KSL by myself!!!

Love you all!


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